Integrates with Slack and Salesforce to form the building blocks for winning revenue teams

Momentum integrates with sales-first tools that turn your Slack channels into Smart Deal Rooms with no-code automation.

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Close important deals right from Slack using the tools you know and love
Build rich, interactive workflows that standardize the repeatable parts of complex deals
Automate notifications, approvals, handoffs and drive better data hygiene

Momentum embeds into existing sales-first tooling like Slack and Salesforce to give revenue teams the building blocks to operationalize sales motions and improve efficiency.

Easily connect your sales tech stack with Momentum’s integrations

Momentum and Salesforce

Momentum connects in real-time to your opportunities in Salesforce to track changes, sync notes and files, and track approvals.

Momentum and Slack

With Smart Deal Rooms, Momentum automatically creates and archives channels that sync real-time to Salesforce.

Momentum and Google Drive

Built into Smart deal rooms are integrations with Google Drive to store and find any important document or presentation.

Momentum and Asana

Whether you’re creating a task for yourself or someone else, Momentum automates requests via Asana tickets.

Momentum and Google Calendar

Get notified before meetings with your built-in Google calendar integration that also syncs to Slack.

Momentum and Outreach

Manage prospects and track leads better by connecting Outreach to deal channels or opportunities in Salesforce.

“I don’t know how I would update key stakeholders without Momentum other than through a whole lot of emails, disjointed Slack messages, and no real process to guide where the deal is going.”

Michael Wilde

Enterprise Account Executive
Empowering revenue teams of all sizes to move faster
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