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Improving internal sales communication and collaboration for enterprise B2B teams

How you communicate with your team determines how your customers will experience your sales process. This post outlines a few internal communication ideas for a B2B setting - and what you can do to improve your internal communications plan.

by Mohammed Shehu
Nov 29, 2021
Removing friction from your Rev Ops workflow (ft. Vandana Nair, VP of Rev Ops at Narvar)

Vandana Nair has led deal desk and Rev Ops roles at stalwarts like Dropbox and Workday and has learned how to spot and remove friction from the B2B sales process. She shares her thoughts on building teams, optimizing sales workflows, and building the right culture at your company.

by Mohammed Shehu
Oct 18, 2021
The 5 Ds of Enterprise Selling: A Guide for Sales Teams

Enterprise selling is notably tricky without a solid process to guide your sales efforts. This post discusses the 5 Ds of enterprise selling to guide sales teams.

by Mohammed Shehu
Sep 27, 2021
How To Build A Strong Sales Team and Career: An Interview with Kyle Parrish, Head of Sales At Figma

Focus is essential in sales, whether you’re building a team or a career. In this episode of our Momentum interview series, we caught up with Kyle Parrish, Head of Sales at Figma, for his thoughts on sales recruitment, trends, tools, and taking career breaks.

by Mohammed Shehu
Sep 22, 2021
Improving Your Deal Desk: An interview with Megan Smith, Senior Manager of Deal Desk @ HubSpot

Megan Smith, Senior Manager of Deal Desk at Hubspot, shares her thoughts on what makes a good deal desk, what she looks for in new hires, and her best productivity tip.

by Mohammed Shehu
Aug 12, 2021
Improving organizational relationships: An interview with Russ Thau, CEO @ Redjay (& Ex Head of Sales at Intercom and Envoy)

In this episode of our interview series, we catch up with Russ Thau, CEO of @Redjay, about his tech career, hiring preferences, and his thoughts on remote team management.

by Mohammed Shehu
Aug 03, 2021
B2B sales tips for a post-pandemic world: An interview with Chad Malchow, VP of Sales at Honeycomb

After 22 years in sales, Chad Malchow has amassed a wealth of wisdom that can help growth-focused companies fare better in a post-pandemic age. Read on for his thoughts on tooling, hiring, and collaboration in B2B sales.

by Mohammed Shehu
Jul 12, 2021

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