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Improving internal sales communication and collaboration for enterprise B2B teams

How you communicate with your team determines how your customers will experience your sales process. This post outlines a few internal communication ideas for a B2B setting - and what you can do to improve your internal communications plan.

by Mohammed Shehu
Nov 29, 2021
Momentum helps Twingate Leverage Their Entire Team in the Sales Process

Momentum helps Twingate accelerate their deal process using the tool they already live in… Slack. Check out this quick video to learn why Momentum is integral to their process

by Ashley Wilson
Jun 16, 2021
Hiring a Deal Desk Manager: What You Need To Know

A deal desk manager is responsible for the smooth operation of the deal desk. Here’s how to think about hiring for this critical role.

by Mohammed Shehu
May 27, 2021
Qualifying Enterprise Sales Prospects With MEDDIC: A Guide For B2B Companies

Learn the challenges of qualifying new enterprise sales leads and how to solve them using the MEDDIC lead qualification framework.

by Mohammed Shehu
Apr 14, 2021
Enterprise Sales Cycle Management: An Essential Guide

Assessing your sales model to identify which aspects of the buying cycle to improve is key to moving each enterprise deal from quote to contract faster. This article outlines 5 key elements of the enterprise sales cycle that you can optimize.

by Mohammed Shehu
Apr 13, 2021
How to Scale Your Sales Team For Easier Enterprise Selling

A good sales team can be a huge asset to your business, but scale it up too quickly and you could quickly lose momentum. This article will guide you through the right way to scale up your sales organization.

by Mohammed Shehu
Apr 12, 2021
SDR Onboarding: 5 Key Elements For Training New Sales Reps

The process you follow to bring a new rep up to speed is immensely important. Learn the 5 key elements to include in your sales rep onboarding program.

by Mohammed Shehu
Apr 09, 2021

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