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Improving internal sales communication and collaboration for enterprise B2B teams

How you communicate with your team determines how your customers will experience your sales process. This post outlines a few internal communication ideas for a B2B setting - and what you can do to improve your internal communications plan.

by Mohammed Shehu
Nov 29, 2021
How To Structure and Optimize Your Enterprise Deal Desk

Learn why a deal desk is important to your enterprise sales process, who should be on it, and how to optimize it to close more deals.

by Mohammed Shehu
Apr 09, 2021
Enterprise Sales Prospecting Strategies: 10 Steps For High-Performing Sales Teams

Learn why enterprise selling is so challenging and how to craft an enterprise sales prospecting strategy.

by Mohammed Shehu
Apr 08, 2021
Building a Sales Operations (SalesOps) team: A Guide to Structure and Metrics

Learn how SaaS companies can build an effective SalesOps team structure (plus 7 metrics to track).

by Mohammed Shehu
Mar 16, 2021
How To Create A Sales Enablement Program in 2021 (Plus 9 Sales Content Examples)

Sales teams use different types of sales collateral. Read on for 9 of them and get tips on how to build your own sales enablement program.

by Mohammed Shehu
Feb 08, 2021
How To Choose The Best CRM: A Comprehensive 38-Point Checklist

Why contemplating our mortality can be a powerful catalyst for change

by Mohammed Shehu
Feb 07, 2021
Should You Invest In CRM Software in 2021? (Plus How To Pick The Right One)

Investing in a CRM tool can turbocharge your sales process. Read on for the 5 key factors to consider when choosing a CRM solution.

by Mohammed Shehu
Jan 23, 2021

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