Close high value, complex deals faster


Move high-value, complex deals through approvals with ease

Drive repeatable, auditable processes that enable sales teams to sail through deal stages.

Ensure key stakeholder alignment and remove bottlenecks in the deal process to close deals faster.

Increase AE productivity and reduce time to close while retaining high-value customers.

Ensure approval details are securely captured

Increase visibility for cross-functional stakeholders to meet and document regulations such as ASC 606 while staying completely auditable.

Keep Salesforce fields up-to-date with everything Deal Desk needs to successfully support deal closure.

Keep key stakeholders on the same page when it comes to custom pricing and contract management with real-time Salesforce sync.

Reach the right resources at the right time to stay nimble and auditable

Help your Deal Desk be quick in getting work done while keeping a paper trail automatically synced back to Salesforce.

Ask for approvals via DM or in-thread without losing track of where your deals stand.

Unblock key deals with quick conversations that are traceable and easily routed to the correct person to move a deal forward.

How Momentum Works


See and manage your Salesforce opportunities right in Slack, with customized views depending on your role.


Momentum provides a centralized place to capture notes, tasks, and files without leaving Slack, while keeping Salesforce.


Streamline collaboration across finance, customer success, and engineering through dedicated Slack channels for deals.


Set your sales process and share resources and tips for each stage of the opportunity so every rep knows what next step to take.


Raise an issue to keep deal momentum going strong and tap the right people at the right time where they are most responsive.


Momentum’s next-gen sales coordination makes approving deals faster and handoffs smoother by giving everyone the visibility they need.

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