Automate how requests are handled to close deals more effectively

From MSA redlining to security questionnaires, Momentum becomes the connector between your reps and the rest of the organization to get tasks done.

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Create tasks and tickets automatically

Use Momentum to tap into engineering, legal or infosec in the right way to get help fast.

Set response time and proactively stay updated

Change text: Keep track of every request so deals don’t stagnate or lose pace along the way.

Track SLAs over time and identify bottlenecks

Momentum monitors requests and informs the team once they are done to push deals forward.

Get a high level overview of all outstanding tasks

See all of your outstanding requests to triage and manage deal progress as you go.

All the features you need to
build better sales momentum

Slack Home Screen

See all of your Salesforce opportunities in Slack from one centralized place.

Salesforce Integrations

Only see deals visible to you and customize your view based on your Salesforce ID.

Raise an Issue

Increase deal velocity with clear, effective requests for action from the right people.

Update Opportunities

Add the stage, close date, and custom fields to dynamically update deals from Slack.

Google Suite Integration

Sync your Google Calendar for upcoming meeting or access Google Drive files.

Highlights & Files

Use emoji reactions to capture message highlights and let Momentum automatically save files to Salesforce.

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