Looking for a Troops alternative?

Less noise, more closing

Deals rooms sync to Salesforce and move deals forward without constantly pinging AEs.

Smarter sales workflows

Repeatable sales motions are enabled with playbooks, milestones, and deal approvals.

Share tribal knowledge

Onboarding and knowledge transfer is made easy with a record of every deal and interaction.

Momentum is the easiest way to operationalize your sales motions and close deals

Dedicated Deal Rooms

Automatically capture every file shared internally and with customers. Sync deal highlights such as notes and relevant insights to Chatter. Update any deal field via Slack

Playbooks and Guided Selling

Make your sales playbook tactical and interactive. Go from telling your team how to do things to enable the best actions at the right time.

Deal Desk and Approvals

Build complex approval workflows that involve anyone in your company, handle files and multiple tiers of escalation. Execute those approvals quickly and easily via Slack messages. Every step of the process will be fully tracked and auditable in Salesforce.

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