Integrate Outreach with your sales tech stack using Momentum

Get even more value out of Outreach with integrations to Salesforce, Slack, Gong, Asana, and more.

Simplify your Outreach steps and increase rep productivity with Momentum’s process automation

Centralize sales tasks

Assign an Outreach sequence to new prospects where reps spend most of their time — Slack.

  • Get a message in Slack automatically once a new prospect is created in Outreach
  • Assign an Outreach sequence from the Slack message

Simplify sales motions

Convert Outreach’s multi-step process to a single step by assigning sequences in Slack.

  • Updates to prospects automatically sync with Outreach
  • Gives reps more time to talk to prospects

Maximize rep productivity

Automate the manual process of contacting and following up with prospects to maximize performance.

  • Outreach sequences automate outbound touchpoints
  • Ensures reps don’t miss new prospects and stay on top of opportunities

“Working with Momentum has been wonderful. They're helping us streamline day to day tasks with their workflow recipes and are saving us a ton of time. I can't wait to see how Momentum evolves! Sky is the limit."

Libby Gibson

Customer Success Lead

Connect Outreach with Momentum in two easy steps:


Type /integr into any Slack channel to display the “Configure Integrations with Momentum” slash command.


Click “Authorize” to open a new browser tab and complete authentication with Outreach

Move faster with Momentum