Playbook training and onboarding for modern sales teams


Streamline your sales process and create alignment across the entire revenue org

Operationalize your sales best practices and keep deal teams on the same page, speaking the same language.

Empower key stakeholders to lean in at exactly the right moment to avoid risk factors while moving deals forward.

Provide strategic support on high priority deals and confidently deliver forecasting to revenue leadership.

Onboard new hires faster with playbook steps embedded in Slack

Take your tribal knowledge and make it shareable for new hires without lengthy training sessions and Zoom meetings.

Share tribal knowledge with new teammates and collaborate easier with guided selling workflows embedded in Slack.

Ensure that reps are following cues and keeping Salesforce updated for better revenue planning.

Provide intuitive sales support on every deal

Optimize your organization’s sales processes and maximize alignment across deal teams.

Convert leads into opportunities with ease and confidently take the next right action in your sales plays to close deals faster.

Enable sellers with unique deal strategies based on customer segment and industry by incorporating specific sales plays aligned to your sales process.

How Momentum Works


See and manage your Salesforce opportunities right in Slack, with customized views depending on your role.


Momentum provides a centralized place to capture notes, tasks, and files without leaving Slack, while keeping Salesforce.


Streamline collaboration across finance, customer success, and engineering through dedicated Slack channels for deals.


Set your sales process and share resources and tips for each stage of the opportunity so every rep knows what next step to take.


Raise an issue to keep deal momentum going strong and tap the right people at the right time where they are most responsive.


Momentum’s next-gen sales coordination makes approving deals faster and handoffs smoother by giving everyone the visibility they need.

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