Announcing Momentum Cues, the easiest way to automate notifications in Salesforce and Slack

by Ashley Wilson

“Love the visibility that Cues provide to our entire team. It helps us take action on deals sooner than ever before and close more.” - Bendon Viaene, Customer Operations Specialist @ Twingate

Today we’re excited to announce the release of Momentum Cues, a new self-serve product that helps teams decrease their time to react to important deal changes and increase efficiency with Salesforce notifications in Slack.

Cues is more than just standard notifications and alerts

Instead, cues from Salesforce nudge your team to take the next step in the deal process to move it forward. With Momentum Cues, Salesforce changes such as Closed Won or Stale Lead get pushed to Slack as a DM or as part of a deal room, so your team can:

  • Get notified right away of important changes
  • Take immediate action to move it forward
  • Collaborate better cross-functionally

These are ready to use out-of-the-box, such as:

  • Close Lost notifications
  • Close Won notifications
  • New Lead notifications
  • New Opportunity notifications
  • Stale Lead notifications
  • Stale Opportunity notifications
  • Stale Dealroom notifications

Or build your own customized Cues

Because Cues is built on top of Momentum’s powerful sales automation platform, it’s also fully customizable. To build your own customized notifications, you can hop into Momentum’s Notification Wizard to do it yourself or work closely with our team, who will build you workflows (in a matter of hours) that will empower your team to move deals forward.

Cue your team that it’s time to take action any time there’s a critical change in a deal with Salesforce notifications that automatically push to Slack. In Slack, teams get notified about changes where they already spend most of their time and can start a conversation to collaborate on next steps.

Set up is done in minutes, literally

To set up Cues in Momentum, there are a few easy steps:

  • Select any Salesforce object for your cue
  • Define the action that will trigger the cue
  • Send the cue as a direct message to a team member, within a deal room, or a group channel
  • Update the Salesforce object right from Slack to keep your deals moving forward

Momentum helps you quickly notify your team with the information they need to drive deals forward faster. Cue your team that it’s time to act and collaborate on a deal with automatic Salesforce cues that push to Slack every time there’s an important change with a deal.

To try it out, sign up at or ping us via Intercom or!

Move faster with Momentum