Integrate Gong with Momentum to accelerate your sales motions

by Ashley Wilson

Exciting news: Momentum now integrates with Gong to help RevOps teams further operationalize their sales motions.

Get insights from sales calls directly in your Slack Deal Rooms

Increase your sales team’s productivity by bringing important insights from your sales calls in Gong directly into your Deal Rooms. This happens automatically as soon as a call ends with Momentum’s new Gong integration. Give reps the information they need, where they need it, by combining sales automation with collaboration so they can take the next step in the deal process quickly.

Gong captures and analyzes frontline interactions so you can make data-backed decisions that propel revenue growth. With Momentum, your team can take these insights and create customized sales workflows like sharing Gong’s calls with relevant stakeholders, automatically creating tasks, and more to move deals forward faster.

Leveraging Gong’s insights with Momentum’s process automation empowers your team to:

  • Get insights, attendees, topics, and other call details from Gong added to Deal Rooms automatically
  • Collaborate on next steps in Deal Rooms right after a call ends
  • Access calls from Gong for further details directly in your Deal Room

Connect Gong with Momentum in two quick, simple steps:

  1. Type /integr into any Slack channel to display the “Configure Integrations with Momentum” slash command.

  2. Click “Authorize” to open a new browser tab and complete the authentication flow on

Check out our help docs for more information.

Get the full ROI of Gong with modern sales automation that’s native to Slack and connects your process, people, and data. To try it out: sign up at or ping us via Intercom or!

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