Top 9 Slack integrations for collaborative B2B selling

by Mohammed Shehu

Selling collaboratively means working with your client and sales team to find the best possible solution to your customer’s needs.

It’s also proven to be a more effective way to sell: 60% of sales professionals say that collaborative selling has increased productivity by more than 25%, and more than half (52%) say it has increased pipeline.

So, we’re talking table stakes here.

A big aspect of collaborative sales is the platform you use to coordinate team communication and collaborate with clients. While most B2B teams use email and Zoom to conduct business (especially for remote teams), Slack is another popular workspace in which to conduct sales and customer support.

What’s more, Slack integrates with other apps that you might use in your sales workflow, like Jira, Dropbox, Evernote, Salesforce, Google Drive, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Teams.

But what can B2B teams specifically use to boost their sales productivity and shorten their sales cycles? Better yet, which tools in Slack’s app directory reduce sales friction by enabling team collaboration?

In this post, we’ll explore the top Slack integrations your sales team can benefit from adding to your Slack app.

#1 Momentum

Momentum is a collaborative sales tool that syncs your Salesforce, Asana, Google Drive, and other data to Slack to help you operationalize your sales motions and close more deals.

Momentum lets you create deal rooms in Slack for each deal in your pipeline, deliver sales playbooks to your team during critical moments, gather required approvals faster, and automatically request assistance from relevant team members and client stakeholders during deals. collaborative sales tool

We’re obviously biased, but we think Momentum is a must-have Slack app integration for any sales team focused on speed, data accuracy, and efficiency. See how Momentum works in action and sign up here.

#2 Clearbit

Clearbit’s data platform helps marketers, salespeople, and developers to find new leads, enrich lead data, and customize web and app experiences via its API.

Clearbit is best known for lead enrichment (taking an email address and returning the user’s location, job title, etc.) and lead prospecting (delivering contact information for leads based on a customer’s target parameters).

Clearbit integrates with Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Segment, Pardot, and Slack, among many other apps. With Clearbit’s Slack integration, you can enrich incoming customer data and send complete profiles to a designated Slack channel for your team to take action on.

Clearbit lead enrichment and prospecting app

If you’ve already got a Clearbit subscription, add Clearbit to Slack today. If not, reach out to their Sales team to get more info on Clearbit’s pricing.

#3 Zapier

Zapier allows you to connect different digital services and apps to automate your sales workflow.

One Zapier use case is tracking brand mentions. You can set up a “Zap” that posts a notification to a designated Slack channel whenever your brand is mentioned on Twitter. This lets your sales or marketing team follow up on the post and potentially close a sale.

Zapier workflow automation app

Zapier has a free tier you can explore the tool with (limited to 100 tasks/mo), plus paid plans starting from $19.99/mo. You can add Zapier to Slack here.

#4 DealBot

DealBot is a Pipedrive bot that integrates with Slack to feed your sales team updates on deal activity, invite the right people to a deal, and automate your sales workflow.

Built directly for Slack, Pipedrive’s DealBot integration syncs your lead and sales data in Pipedrive with the relevant Slack channel(s) in your team’s workspace. Like other tools in its class, DealBot improves your sales workflow by reducing the frequency of app switching in your workflow and saving you time.

DealBot sales workflow automation tool

If you already have a Pipedrive subscription (free, then $15.00/mo), add the DealBot integration to your Slack workspace here.

#5 Smallchat

Smallchat is a tool that works natively in Slack to connect you to your website’s visitors and convert more leads. It centralizes your customer and sales service function and allows you to manage multiple websites simultaneously.

Smallchat customer chat tool

Smallchat boosts your sales team collaboration while reducing your workflow friction. Pricing starts free, then jumps to $19.99/mo for enhanced functionality like custom auto messages and unlimited pageviews.

Install Smallchat in your Slack workspace here.

#6 Olark

Olark’s live chat software lets sales and customer support teams talk to customers on your website. It integrates with your Slack app to bring those conversations directly to your team for faster resolution, boosting your workflow.

Olark live chat software

Olark offers a free trial that upgrades to a paid plan starting from $29/mo. Connect Olark to Slack here.

#7 PushMetrics

PushMetrics is built for more heavily data-driven sales teams that need real-time data from their Tableau dashboards and databases or to manage changing KPIs on the fly.

PushMetrics sales analytics dashboard

The tool lets you generate and send charts, alerts, and reports via email or Slack to relevant stakeholders and can improve your deal workflow by giving you the latest, most accurate data you need to make sales decisions.

Pricing for PushMetrics starts at $99/mo for up to 20 active users. You can add PushMetrics to Slack here.

#8 Qwilr

Qwilr’s quote and proposal software helps you generate better, more interactive quotations and proposals for prospective clients. You can add ROI calculators, dynamic pricing calculators, and videos to impress and convert new clients.

Qwilr’s platform also lets you:

  1. Send “Pages” to clients that display across different devices
  2. Activate integrations with accounting and CRM apps
  3. Track viewing and acceptance analytics
  4. Use digital signatures
  5. Accept e-payments

As of writing, Qwilr integrates with eight other applications, Slack being one of them. The Slack integration lets you receive channel notifications whenever a Qwilr Page is published, viewed initially, or signed. This keeps your sales team informed about relevant sales activity on your pages.

Qwilr quote and proposal software

Qwilr’s pricing starts from $75/mo on a month-to-month basis after a 14-day trial period. You can add Qwilr to your Slack app here.

#9 Talla

Talla is an AI-powered customer service automation platform that frees support agents from repetitive tasks by automating answers to common customer questions. Their website boasts a 90% answer rate by their AI for first-time queries, a 25% increase in agent productivity, and a 50% faster average handle time.

Talla has six distinct integrations as of writing, including Slack. By connecting Talla to Slack, you can source the most asked questions by your team or customers and create relevant answer pages for those questions. This reduces your team’s knowledge gaps and boosts support resolution.

Talla AI-powered customer service automation platform

Talla’s pricing starts from $1,700/mo for an annual subscription. You can connect Talla to Slack here.

Work collaboratively with your sales team

With a growing suite of collaborative sales software entering the market, there’s never been a better time to reassess your sales workflow and leverage existing tools to improve sales automation. The above tools are a great starting point for sales leaders looking to add something new to their sales stack.

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