Use Momentum’s Google Workspace Slack integration to unlock new levels of team productivity

by Ashley Wilson

We have some exciting news to share — our Google Workspace Slack integration is now out of beta! Streamline your digital processes by bringing Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Salesforce to Slack.

Momentum wasn’t just built for Salesforce and Slack — our vision is to be the central hub that connects all your sales tools so you spend less time clicking around and more time doing what you need to do.

That’s why we built a Google Workspace Slack integration, enabling sales leaders to increase team productivity and efficiency while propelling long-term revenue growth by integrating Google Drive and Google Calendar with Slack, Salesforce, and your other sales tools.

We know you love your Google Workspace because it’s flexible, simple to use, and makes it a lot easier to collaborate with teams. Momentum is no different. With this integration, your teams will:

  • Get more time back in their day. Momentum’s CRM Google Drive integration automatically creates new Google Docs and can store them in the appropriate Google Drive folder, while instantly sharing links to them in Salesforce and Slack.
  • Maintain digital workspace organization. Streamline file management and reduce digital clutter by linking Google Drive to Salesforce and Slack and automatically store docs in Google Drive folders for the appropriate opportunity.
  • Know the details before your meeting. The Google Calendar Slack integration ensures teammates are aware of critical details and customer contact links by sending out information 24 hours in advance.

Connect Google Workspace with Momentum in two, easy steps:

1. Type /integr into any Slack channel to display the “Configure Integrations with Momentum” slash command.

2. Click “Authorize” to open a new browser tab and complete the authentication flow on Google.

Ready to simplify your sales motions? Try it out by signing up at or ping us via Intercom or!

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