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How Momentum Works

Connect Salesforce to Slack securely via Momentum

See and manage your Salesforce opportunities right in Slack, with customized views depending on your role. Setup takes five minutes:

· Install the Salesforce package
· Install Momentum in Slack
· Authorize access into Salesforce from Slack

Create Smart Deal Rooms to manage opportunities

Momentum provides a centralized place to capture notes, tasks, and files without leaving Slack, while keeping Salesforce seamlessly up-to-date.

Collaborate with your company in real-time to move deals forward

Streamline collaboration across finance, customer success, and engineering through dedicated Slack channels for deals.

Follow the sales stages from your playbook with Deal Playbooks

Set your sales process and share resources and tips for each stage of the opportunity so every rep knows what next step to take.

Manage approvals, handoffs, and timely tasks with Deal Assist

Raise an issue to keep deal momentum going strong and tap the right people at the right time where they are most responsive.

Close the loop and handoff the deal with Deal Report

Momentum’s next-gen sales coordination makes approving deals faster and handoffs smoother by giving everyone the visibility they need to perform at their best.

All the features you need to build better sales momentum

Slack Home Screen

See all of your opportunities in Momentum, manage opportunities, or start a Deal Room.

Highlights & Files

Use emoji reactions to capture message highlights and upload files from Slack automatically into Salesforce.

Raise an Issue

Increase deal velocity with clear, effective requests for action from the right people.

Salesforce Integration

Only see deals visible to you in SFDC and customize your view based on your SFDC ID.

Update opportunities from Slack

Add the stage, close date, next steps, and custom fields to dynamically update deals from Slack to Salesforce.

Smart Google Drive Integration

Momentum automatically creates folders for new opportunities, copies common assets to them, and saves files from Deal Rooms.

Smart Deal Rooms

Only see deals visible to you in SFDC and customize your view based on your SFDC ID.


Clarify your sales process with workflow automations, tips, and resources for reps in Slack.

Deal Assist

Fluid interactions with finance, legal, and engineering to unblock key deals.

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