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Connect the moving pieces of your deals in Slack and Salesforce

Smart Deal Rooms help teams capture critical activities and stay coordinated while linking everything back to your CRM

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Update deal info in seconds

Change any opportunity field right from Slack while keeping your Salesforce up-to-date.

Share visibility on deal progress

Capture emails, calls, files, and notes about your deals, then sync those automatically to Salesforce.

Loop in resources with a single click

Bring in external resources from finance, legal, and sales engineering to get help quickly.

Raise a blocker to move deals forward

Unblock deals with simple slack commands that message the right people at the right time.

All the features you need to
build better sales momentum

Slack Home Screen

See all of your Salesforce opportunities in Slack from one centralized place.

Salesforce Integrations

Only see deals visible to you and customize your view based on your Salesforce ID.

Raise an Issue

Increase deal velocity with clear, effective requests for action from the right people.

Update Opportunities

Add the stage, close date, and custom fields to dynamically update deals from Slack.

Google Suite Integration

Sync your Google Calendar for upcoming meeting or access Google Drive files.

Highlights & Files

Use emoji reactions to capture message highlights and let Momentum automatically save files to Salesforce.

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