Integrate Outreach and Momentum to reach prospects even faster via Slack

by Ashley Wilson

We’re excited to announce our new integration with Outreach! Momentum helps revenue teams standardize sales motions and close more deals, while Outreach helps reps automate sales engagement and act on revenue intelligence to improve efficiency, predictability, and growth.

Together, we’re a match made in heaven for increasing rep productivity and simplifying Outreach steps, ensuring new prospects are contacted even easier than before.

Assign an Outreach sequence to your prospects directly in Slack

Sequences are key in Outreach’s engagement solution. A sequence is an automated workflow with various touchpoints that ensures your reps are communicating with all of their prospects. These touchpoints could be emails, calls, LinkedIn tasks, or meetings.

By assigning an Outreach sequence to your prospects directly in Slack with Momentum, your reps can automate the manual process of contacting and following up with prospects in the place they spend most of their time.

How it works:

When your reps get a new lead in Salesforce, a prospect is automatically created in Outreach. Once a prospect is created, your reps get a message in Slack notifying them of their new prospect. In the message, a button will appear saying Link Sequence, which allows them to assign a sequence to their new prospect without leaving Slack thanks to Momentum.

With this integration, the usual multi-step process is now one step, enabling your sales reps to:

  • Centralize their sales tasks
  • Get more time to talk to prospects
  • Improve productivity and performance

Connect Outreach with Momentum in 4 easy steps

  1. Type /integr into any Slack channel to display the “Configure Integrations with Momentum” slash command.
  2. Click “Authorize” to open a new browser tab and complete authentication with Outreach
  3. Log into your Outreach account
  4. Authorize Momentum permissions to access your Outreach data

Ready to simplify your sales motions? Get more out of Outreach with Momentum’s modern sales automation that’s native to Slack and empower your revenue team to push deals forward, faster. To try it out: sign up at or ping us via Intercom or!

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